‘Can education tackle war and peace?’

Princess Sarah Zeid at the Global Education & Skills Forum

HRH Princess Sarah Zeid is an advocate for Maternal, Child and Newborn Health & Wellbeing, and an advisor to Towards Global Learning Goals.

At the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai – alongside guests from Lewis Hamilton to Al Gore – she was invited to speak on the panel topic of ‘Can education tackle war & peace?’ and a debate chamber on ‘Is too much education donor money spent on girls?’.

“I am always concerned about the lack of thematic diversity in conferences and discussion. So as a health advocate, I was  delighted to participate at the Education Forum to highlight the essential health, nutritional, water & sanitation and protection issues unique to women and girls. Nothing gets done or done well in a vacuum, and there should  always be adequate attention paid to the differing factors that inhibit and/or maximize impact. We should be constantly challenging ourselves to engage with experts and sectors beyond the usual and familiar.

I was delighted a teacher of arts and crafts was awarded the ‘teacher of the year’ prize and hope it can be used to focus attention on the value and contribution of the arts and creativity in learning.” – Princess Sarah Zeid

You can also download our report, ‘Kindling the Flame’ which proposes Global Learning Goals for all learners, and sets out the challenges we face to make them happen.

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